EPIC® Connectors - Right connector can help avoid downtime


Commended for their safety and reliability, EPIC® connectors have been used around the globe in diverse applications for many years. These robust connectors can be found anywhere in industrial machinery and plant engineering for measuring, control and drives.

The EPIC® range of connectors consists of Rectangular Connectors, Circular Connectors and Solar Connectors. Its application range includes electronics and communication, measurement, testing and control technology, drive technology and industrial application, and photovoltaic plants.

EPIC® Circular Connectors -

Compact for motion control and
energy transfer

  • Circular connections come in two designs - a signal design with gold plated contacts and high-reserve power connectors
  • EPIC® SIGNAL connectors are available as M17, M23 and R3.0 (M27)
  • Metal housing with an integrated EMC screen contact reliably prevents electromagnetic interferences. Gold-plated signal contacts are suitable to transmit low currents and voltages
  • EPIC® POWER connectors are available as M12, M17, LS1 (M23), LS1.5 (M40) and LS3 (M58)
  • The integrated EMC cable glands offer strain relief and are perfectly sealed
  • High-quality sealing materials for good chemical protection

EPIC® Rectangular Connectors -

Flexible, robust connectors for
mechanical engineering

  • We have the right connector for any application – this can be configured from housings, inserts and contacts.
  • EPIC® Standard housing range is robust and has a flexible choice of cable entries
  • Fixed frame for easy assembly EPIC® ULTRA housing has a EMC and high corrosion protection and comes with a stainless steel interlocking device
  • EPIC® inserts are available in a fixed pin design or a modular system
  • EPIC® kits are ready off-the-shelf industrial connector configurations

EPIC® Solar Connectors -

Durable & Reliable



  • EPIC® SOLAR field harness-cable
  • Simply crimp and insert the contact before twisting cable gland
  • EPIC® SOLAR Map for organic PV modules
  • Customized production instead of off-the-shelf products, that’s what the new PV connection technology made by Lapp is about