German Lapp Group is one of the world's leading providers of cable and cable accessories.

The company was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp. The ÖLFLEX® product, was the world's first industrially manufactured industrial cable with color coded conductors. Today the company manufactures cables for a variety of industries and markets. Lapp Group's products are mainly manufactured in the Lapp Group's own production facilities.

Today, the company stock includes currently 40 000 standard items. Lapp Group develops and manufactures specialty cables according to customers' own specifications.

Lapp Group has 15 production facilities, 100 dealers, 40 sales companies worldwide and 2800 employees.

Family business and global player

LAPP is a successful global player with a strong position in international markets. LAPP is also a family business, the history of the company has been one of success and expansion ever since it was founded in 1959 by Ursula Ida and Oskar Lapp. 

LAPP achives success by being close to our customers and markets, maintaining our innovative strength and brand quality, and being a reliable partner. At LAPP, we maintain values that promote cooperation and enable relationships with employees, suppliers and customers based on partnership and trust. 

LAPP can help customers wherever they are. We delivers to every corner of the world. Our customers appreciate our expertise and service as we always want to offer the best solution. LAPP has warehouses all over the globe, development centres, 18 production sites, 44 own sales companies and worldwide cooperation with business partners. 

Today the company stock includes 40.000 standard items. The product range is constantly evolving. LAPP also develops and manufactures customized solutions according to customer specifications. 

With a strong workforce of 4.650 employees worldwide we generated in the Fisical Year 2018/2019 a total sales of € 1.222,0 million (consolidated). 


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