Project CAL650

SSAB Borlänge. Photo: Henrik Hansson

SSAB Borlänge. Photo: Henrik Hansson

SSAB Borlänge in Sweden has modernized and upgraded the continuouis annealing line. The Swedish installation company Assemblin won the contract for the electrical installation work and chosed Fleximark as supplier of marking products for the CAL650 project. 

The swedish installation company Assemblin has completed a major assignment for SSAB Borlänge. The aim of the project was to increase the production capacity of annealed cold-rolled sheet metal by 100,000 thousand tonnes / year. This has meant, among other things, the replacement of induction ovens in the continuous annealing line. The project went on for over two years. Work on replacing the induction ovens started during the 2019 holiday with preparatory work and ended with a three-week long stop in November when demolition and assembly were carried out.

The four ovens, with huge effect on 4MW, continuously preheat the plate. Two transformers supply the rectifiers with 2x29 3x240 CU cables. From the rectifiers to the ovens, there are then 64 // 240mm² double insulated copper cables. A total of 17000 meters of DC cable. To this is added 260 control circuits with numerous signal cables, all marked with FLEXIMARK® Cable Label PUR 60x10.

Assemblin chose to label all installation with FLEXIMARK® Cablelabel PUR because it is a strong and good brand and because the software FLEXIMARK® Software is easy to work with. The advantages of working with your own printer are that the lead times are basically non-existent, no freight costs or delays. The thermal transfer printer Cab EOS5 is a reliable and easy-to-use printer, also supplied by Fleximark AB.

-You just get a very good look at his project, says a satisfied Christer Gustavsson, project manager at Assemblin.

Assemblin is locally based in Borlänge and won the procurement of this very special project. The installation company is one of the leading companies in Sweden and strives to stay at the forefront when it comes to new technology and digitization work. Fleximark AB responds to and lives up to the labeling requirements imposed by Assemblin and has a long history as a supplier of branded products.

160906 HE kallvals fotograf Hasse Eriksson liten

Photo: HE Cold rolling. Photographer: Hasse Eriksson