The Norwegian Marking wonder


Meet Ihne Vagmo, LAPP Norways FLEXIMARK® expert!

Ihne Vagmo, the wholesale sales and Product Manager for FLEXIMARK® in Norway enjoys life in Drammen with her 15-year-old son Jonah and the slightly overweighted cat Wilmer. With more than 20 years of experience in the electrical industry and especially marking and labelling. She knows a lot about adding value into the cable market and she really likes the contact with customers. One of the top daily tasks is to advice in how easy and effective it is to use FLEXIMARK® SOFTWARE and FLEXIMARK® printers.


What challenges and opportunities do you see in the labelling industry?
In Norway, we have some major players who have dominated the market for a few years. They are so established that it has been difficult to take market shares. With the position that LAPP Norway has, especially with the wholesalers in Norway, it means that you have an easier way in with new products if you are talking about FLEXIMARK®.

Do you see any changes that have taken place within the labelling industry during the years that you have worked with it?
There have been stricter requirements for marking, both regarding clarity and durability. Labelling is products that arouse interest and always get a lot of attention at fairs etc. and we see that the customers often know what they need and what is available. Price is important, but delivery time, availability, selection, effective way of working and not least SUPPORT are just as important.

Today you work as Sales Wholesaler/ Product manager for FLEXIMARK® - what would you say are your top priorities in your assignment?
I have a job where I sit on both sides of the table, sales, and product, this is a big advantage. I know what a seller needs to be able to focus on "my" products. My motto is to make it as easy as possible to sell marking: good substrates, films, product samples, and together with Fleximark we have created several bundles with printers, colour ribbons and labels that are sold under one item number.

What does a good label symbolize in your opinion?
Simple, visible, lasting

What do your customers say about FLEXIMARK® SOFTWARE?
They find it easy to use without too many disturbing functions.

LAPP Norway likes to buy +10 printers from Fleximark annually to have in stock, what is the advantage of that?
By having printers and a reasonable selection of brands at our warehouse in Drammen, we can deliver quickly if needed. In May 2022, one of our biggest competitors had delivery problems with printers, while we had them in stock.

Are there any specific branches that printers sell better than others?
The industry is good at using correct and lasting labelling. And we see that marking for public buildings is also increasing as they have strict requirements and clear specifications for the marking.

Are there any recurring success factors when you or a colleague in Norway sell a printer to a customer?
There are plenty of actors out there who have one focus, to sell as much as possible. Everyone who buys a printer from LAPP Norway must receive good follow-up. They will receive support, if necessary, we can offer loan printers if they must send theirs for service. We are honest and knowledgeable in the sales process; we do not oversell - the customer can trust LAPP Norway. This creates credibility and a good reputation, which in turn increases demand and sales.