Marking to Wica Cold AB

Fleximark in cooperation with Wika Cold in Småland, Sweden.

Marking to Wika Cold AB

We are very proud to present that Wica Cold AB from Vislanda in Småland, Sweden, has decided to switch to FLEXIMARK® Marking systems for identifying manufactured cooling and freezing products.

“Wica Cold AB from Vislanda in Småland has since 1957 supplied the Nordic and Baltic markets with refrigeration and freezer furniture for grocery stores. Since 2005, Wica Cold AB has been part of the Arneg Group and since then, Wica, Oscartielle and Arneg have joint product development and product programs. The products manufactured in Vislanda bear the name Arneg Nordic. ” [1] 

Fleximark came into contact with Wica Cold during the Electricity Fair in Kista 2019, where Fleximark's salesman Emil Lindqvist presented flexible identification solutions. After further talks and presentations, Wica Cold decided to switch to Fleximark´s marking systems. Emanuel Karlsson, electrical engineer at Wica Cold, appreciates Fleximark's range for wire marking and component marking.

The very fast printers Cab EOS5 provide good conditions for printing the large volumes of marking used in production. The printers are also durable, which is crucial for use in an industrial environment.

The cooling and freezing furniture manufactured at Wica Cold uses wire marking in the form of FLEXIMARK® Organized shrink tube in different colors and FLEXIMARK® Flexiprint TF. Both of these products are easy to assemble and keep in order as they are sorted by printing. One of Fleximark's later products, FLEXIMARK® Panel Strip, is used as component marking, as are FLEXIMARK® TA Labels. The marking is used to mark components in cabinets, loads (ID marking) to ensure that e.g. the right temperature sensor is connected in the right place and that you should be able to quickly identify different cables.

Fleximark is perceived by Wica Cold as a flexible and good supplier who produces the variants of labeling that the customer requests. Another advantage is that Fleximark offers its own support for both printers and software, which means that the customer can quickly get help and keep production going without unnecessary waiting time.

At Fleximark, we are proud to be able to facilitate production for our customers, by quickly producing and delivering the marking products they need.


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