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Fibre & 5G are on the rise

FLEXIMARK Telecom marking, fibre & 5G

Fibre & 5G has the potential to be a truly transformative technology. It is expected to provide low latency and high bandwidth network connections to serve use cases covering artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, industrial automation and everything in between.

In 2020, the 5G continued to grow as operators realised how they could reduce costs, drive more competition between technology vendors, and stimulate higher levels of innovation in the industry. The industry is hungry for change, and open-minded operators and suppliers are the ones which will succeed.

In Sweden for example, there’s a collaboration between two of the largest telecom operators with the aim of efficiently build 5G network for the future. The goal of the collaboration is to get a faster and simpler installation with a focus on costs and that it should be built uniformly - regardless of the operator's facility.

For these operators it previously has been each subcontractor mission to provide labelling. This has been inefficient in time, generated unnecessary costs and lack of cost control. With this in mind, Fleximark together with Lapp Miltronic presented a solution that meant that the installers would have the possibility to work with complete labelling kits.

The operators liked the idea so the kits Fleximark presented was adapted to the size of the sites and available in different sizes. The new labelling strategy ended up saving number of labels and minimized the waste. For Fleximark this way of working also meant that we could shorten delivery times a lot.
All in all, it has been entirely positive tones from the end customer, the installers, who now know that the label is included in the material delivery and that this saves time and shipping costs.


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