Marking for Akzo Nobel

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Akzo Nobel Adhesives AB in Kristinehamn manufactures and sells wood glue and resin systems. The products are used in the manufacture of furniture, carpentry, flooring and load-bearing structures.

The technology department of Akzo Nobel is constantly working to ensure the operation and safety of the production. Part of that work is to implement safe and clear labeling of all equipment. Since the company have worked with FLEXIMARK® cable and part marking for a few years and have a Cab thermal transfer printer, it was natural to ask Fleximark to present a solution for signs and identification.

– Good know-how, customer focus and fast deliveries are some of the strong qualities of Fleximark as a supplier, Tobias Nordström says, who is responsible for purchasing and preparation.

The choice of labeling for the equipment fell on FLEXIMARK® TA Foam, which is a strong and durable label, suitable for industrial environments. FLEXIMARK® TA Foam is a good alternative to engraved signs. It has a very durable surface and passes all the tests that was carried out by Akzo Nobel. The company found it a clear advantage to be able to produce their own marking on site, exactly when they need it!

Akzo Nobel found interest in Fleximark's products due to hiring Tomas Flood as project manager. Tomas, who previously worked with large hospital projects, had good experience with Cab thermal transfer printers and Fleximark's wide product range. Together with a representative from Fleximark, Tomas introduced Fleximark's products for wire- and cable marking at Akzo Nobel. This made the choice easier to also start using FLEXIMARK® TA Foam, as it is only necessary to change the label roll in the printer.

What development possibilities do you see for the labeling system?

–The only disadvantage of changing products in a printer is that there is a bit of waste when you start a new print, Tomas says.

But being able to produce so many different types of products in one and the same printer makes up for it. In the printing program FLEXIMARK® Software 11.1, it is easy to work with symbols, texts and QR codes, to get the printout exactly as you want it.

Fleximark is proud of the trust to supply labeling and support to Akzo Nobel in Sweden.