Marking kit

Fleximark has improved the box for Marking kit in stainless steel and plastic.

In our efford to improve and make your marking more efficient we has improved the FLEXIMARK® Stainless steel and MINI kit with a new box. The new box gives you a better overview and giving you the opportunity to find the right marking quick and easy. Due to this development the stainless steel and MINI kit has received new article numbers:


Old art no: Description: Replace by:
83254220 FLEXIMARK® Stainless steel kit      83254222
83252001 FLEXIMARK® MINI FL52ERA YE 83251995
83251998 FLEXIMARK® MINI FL52ERA WH 83251994
83251996 FLEXIMARK® MINI FL52A YE 83251993
83251997 FLEXIMARK® MINI FL52A WH 83251992
83252002    FLEXIMARK® KIT Empty 83251991
83252004 FLEXIMARK® Strip Case kit 83251990


For more information about FLEXIMARK® Stainless steel kit and FLEXIMARK® MINI kit, please visit our Online product catalogue or contact our customer service