The oil industry places high demands

The oil industry places high demands

Fleximark delivers high-quality marking that meets the requirements for the labeling of electrical installations in the oil industry.

Atlantic International Gmbh ordered goods to be delivered to the oil refinery TOR - Tema Oil Refinery in Ghana. The order came to LAPP Policabos in Portugal and contained many meters of cable, but also a lot of FLEXIMARK® cable marking, accessories and labeling equipment.

The order of labels consisted of 75 packs of Label LCK, 6 packs of PTE in different sizes, cable ties of different lengths, 2pcs FLEXIMARK® Mounting kit, a thermal transfer printer CAB EOS4. The main reason for choosing Fleximark's branded products was the high quality, the fact that the options are very few when it comes to this type of product for that type of market. But also that LAPP was able to offer a complete solution with cable and labeling of high quality and competitive prices.

TOR is Ghana's only refinery and was established in 1963 to increase the country's economic, investment and development program. They recently installed a new boiler that generates energy for the plant. The aim is to be able to become self-sufficient in their electricity production and to obtain a surplus of electricity.