FLEXIMARK® Software 11.0

NEWS 2023
Easier marking with FLEXIMARK® Software 11.1

FLEXIMARK® Software is digital marking tool for designing and manufacturing labels. Combined with our labeling products, it is the easiets way of creating your personalized marking! FLEXIMARK® Software contains many smart features such as pre-installed templates and the ability to create your own label templates. The software FLEXIMARK® Software is specially adapted for production together with laser printers or a thermal transfer printers from Cab.

FLEXIMARK® Software 11.1 offers several new and enhansed features! Free Download.

  • Implentation of QR-Codes.
  • New powerful tool for modular construction strips and labels.
  • New improved view function.
  • Filter function for tables.
  • Managing printer properties at label/product level.
  • Ability to save projects containing templates and text files. "WYSIWYG".
  • Free technical support.

FLEXIMARK® Marking system products are predefined in FLEXIMARK® Software 11.1.