På grund av rådande pandemi, vill vi här informera om kommande prisförändringar. Du kan läsa mer om det i vårt nyhetsbrev.




Andreas Lindell, experienced salesman at Fleximark AB and very soon a happy pensioner who longs for warm beautiful days in Spain and extra time with family! On Thursday Andreas works his last day at Fleximark, then completely new exciting adventures await. Andreas retires on June 24 2021.

A happy and fun-loving person with passion for sales.
Andreas was born in Stockholm, grew up in Gothenburg and Skåne and lives in Lund. He have two wonderful daughters, Rebecca and Michaela, and 3 lovely grandchildren, Ludvig, Alice and Tuva.

Andreas Lindell is a happy and fun-loving person with long experience in sales and with solid knowledge of marking and labelling. Andreas´ passion for his profession has given him and Fleximark great successes.

Andreas started his career at Fleximark 1989, when Fleximark still belonged to the Tobacco Company in Malmö. Fleximark was looking for new employees. Andreas worked for the Tobacco Company but applied for the job and got it.  He was only 30 years old.

Andreas was employed as an operator but only a year after he started with indoor sales. Fleximark´s turnover at that time was around 200k euro and the company had only 5 employees.
In 1992, Miltronic Scandinavia acquired Fleximark and Andreas began to work with outdoor sales.  When Fleximark in 1996 was moved from Malmö to Nyköping, Andreas remained in Lund as Fleximark´s outdoor sales representative. 80% of the customer stock was from district in south of Sweden, Andreas started to process these customers and then expanded his territory northward.
As Sweden is a long country Andreas started to create relations with wholesales who helped him with marketing and sales of marking & labelling products. The result was successful, Fleximark started to grow.

What has been most exciting about your work?
“I like to compete! Work with sales is similar to a game or competition from start to end. You want to win and do it in a good and fair way. It´s important to always be in the better part of the list because you will also face adversity” says Andreas.

Andreas also loves to meet people and create relations. Many of his customers during the years have after a long relationship become his friends. “Getting to know your customers and creating relationships is the future” he says.

Best with Fleximark? 
Andreas believe that freedom under responsibility is the key. Products are probably secondary, for him it is more important with relations. Andreas have had a lot of fun with Fleximark. He remember all the trips across Europe to meet and train LAPP people in marking & labelling. He also remember other memorable events like one special trip to LAPP China in Shanghai, the Hannover fairs between 1989-2012 and also all Swedish ELFACK fairs.

Andreas has been involved in many large and important installation projects over the years, like for example Malmö City tunnel, Emporia shopping center, Sturup Airport, the Turning Torso building, Liseberg amusement park, Arlanda Airport, Malmö Live center & hotel and one of Sweden´s largest schools located in Lund. Other big projects that he will never forget is when Fleximark was commissioned to deliver all the labelling to the big Öresund Bridge between Malmö and Kopenhagen and also one of the last, the big ESS (European Spallation Source) project in Lund, Sweden. The Challenge has been to find and get projects that will be remembered, he says.  

Fun things about Andreas
One fun situation Andreas carries with him among the sales trips he has made was one trip from Lund to Kiruna. It was an early spring day (Sunday). Andreas was flying to Kiruna for a customer visit on Monday morning.  Before he left he cut the grass home in Lund, it was warm and sunny so he thought it was a bright idea to travel in shorts and only a thin sweater.  When he arrived in Kiruna in the evening there was snowstorm! The climate difference between southern and northern Sweden was clearly reminded.

Andreas also loves ball sports, especially football (Arsenal is the favorite team) and handball and he carries the talent of being able to talk like Donald Duck!

What dreams do you have?
Andreas thinks it feels a bit surreal and scary to take the step out but says it will be great to be able to do things you can and want while you are healthy and mobile. Andreas will move from Lund to Kävlinge, change house to an apartment. He want to be closer to his daughters and grandchildren. Andreas has also bought an apartment in Fuengirola, Spain and will spend a lot of time there so LAPP Spain, just give him a call :) “Spain has great opportunities to play golf so I will start playing and take the green card” says Andreas. He looks forward to what he has in front of him.

We really wish our co-worker a fantastic time! As Andreas himself would say.. “Ad Finem” (lat. To the End)!



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Stärkt organisation

Fleximarks sommarsemestrar är över och vi är tillbaka med full personalstyrka och ny energi. Alla anställda är friska för tillfället och vi kommer att fortsätta arbeta för att så ska förbli. Det känns bra att alla är samlade på plats igen. 

Fleximark har stärkt upp organisationen med en ny medarbetare och vi har också en arbetskollega tillbaka från sin föräldraledighet. Vi står därmed väl rustade att förse våra kunder och partners med den bästa servicen och hög leveranssäkerhet. 

Covid-19 situationen är fortfarande mycket viktig. Fleximark fortsätter att följa direktiv och riktlinjer från WHO och Folkhälsomyndigheten. Vi följer också affärsdirektiv och rekommendationer från LAPP.  


Sommar, semester och Covid-19

Sommar och semester, härligt javisst! Men trots sommartider pågår många installationsarbeten och materialförsörjningen är viktig. Vi ser till att du får de märkprodukter du behöver när du behöver dem. Fleximarks kundservice, produktion och leverans är öppen för dig måndag till fredag 08.00-16.00, hela sommaren! Du kan även lägga dina beställningar i Fleximarks webshop, när som helst. Ha en fortsatt härlig sommar!


Vi finns här för dig

Fleximark har full bemanning i verksamheten och Fleximarks personal har återgått till sina ordinarie arbetsplatser. Vi fortsätter dock att upprätthålla restriktioner och följa rekommendationer till följd av Covid-19.

Den mycket annorlunda våren har övergått till sommar och semestrar är redan på intåg men Fleximark håller som vanligt öppet hela sommaren för att hjälpa dig och ditt företag med leverans av märkning. Kom ihåg att du även kan beställa dina produkter fraktfritt i vår webbshop.  

Våra öppettider 1 juni - 31 augusti:

Vardagar 08.00-16.00. 

Vi önskar dig en härlig sommar!


Fleximark håller verksamheten igång

Fleximark håller försäljning och produktion igång. Våra säljare arbetar hemifrån och har telefon, mail och Microsoft Teams för onlinemöten som främsta redskap. Vi ser till att märkning för säkra installationer fortsätter att levereras och stöttar er, våra kunder, i de frågor ni har kring märkning.

Möten i Coronatider? Javisst! Men online!

Boka ett möte med en av våra säljare så får du en inbjudan genom Teams för ett onlinemöte. Vi kan även skicka produktprover i förväg för bästa upplevelse.

I dessa tider av social distansering är alternativa kommunikationssätt A och O. Fleximark förser telecominstallatörer med viktig märkning vid underhåll av mobilmaster. Vi håller distansen genom att kontakta våra kunder via telefon och Microsoft Teams för onlinemöten.



Bäste kund, 

För LAPP och Fleximark är hälsan hos våra anställda och leveranser till dig som kund av högsta prioritet. Vi inför successivt åtgärder i vår verksamhet till följd av Covid-19 som innebär förändringar i vårt arbetssätt men där det också ingår att säkerställa kundservice, kundorderhantering, produktion och leveranser. Vår kundservice hjälper dig få svar på de frågor som uppkommer i samband med din beställning. 

0155-777 90

UPDATED 2020-03-30

Dear customers,

the health of our customers and employees is our top priority. All measures are taken to maintain our range of services in the best possible way for you, despite current developments. We take the recommendations and advice of the Federal Ministry of Health very seriously and follow them closely. To protect our employees, we constantly adapt our safety precautions.

Transparency is important to us. That is why you will find all important information and details at a glance here. Please pay attention to the time of the update.

Stock and delivery times

Our decentralized logistics processes have so far made it possible to react to the restrictions in trade and logistics and make immediate adjustments. In addition, our current multi-sourcing and purchasing strategy helps to minimize supply bottlenecks. For this reason, we currently expect only minor delays in delivery. If you want to track a local shipment, you can use our Track & Trace [AF2] function.

Orders can be placed in the usual ways. Use our LAPP e-Shop and e-Services, for example, to directly view availabilities and delivery times or to manage your documents.

We kindly ask you to be patient should your goods not arrive at the specified time. The current situation is challenging for all of us and we are doing our best to adapt our processes to the current situation.

Availability of customer service

Our customer service is there for you as usual! Please contact our customer service for all kinds of requests.

Internal measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections

A central task force, made up of international LAPP staff, is intensively engaged in the topic of COVID-19 and in constant exchange with health authorities and LAPP branches. All relevant information and advice is immediately translated into measures and communicated to all employees.

The following security measures have been taken so far:

  • For the protection of our employees, a home office regulation applies until further notice. In this way, we want to counteract the further spread of the COVID-19 virus and avoid infections.
  • Visiting and holding events has been prohibited until further notice.
  • In addition to internal travel restrictions, compliance with official government travel bans and reasonable precautions apply to employees who have travelled to an area severely affected by COVID-19.
  • All entrance areas have been equipped with sufficient disinfection facilities for visitors and employees. In addition, we have increased the cleaning intervals and intensity of all buildings.
  • For the necessary transparency and the possibility to draw conclusions, we have tightened our visit rules for all office buildings and added additional information fields at the registration. This applies to both external visitors and internal employees. Should criteria such as the visit of risk areas within the last 14 days apply, we regret that we cannot grant access at the moment and ask for your understanding.
We are committed to protecting the health of our employees and customers and thank you in advance for your understanding for any delays or inconvenience caused by COVID-19.

On behalf of the entire company, we hope that everyone will come through this situation healthy and unharmed. We will inform you as soon as there is any news on the current situation.

Stay healthy!

Your LAPP Team